In addition to his work with the U.N. Diplomatic Services Corp. and the Somalian government, Corey Engelen is currently Executive Director of two initiatives that focus on bringing aid to nations within the Horn of Africa, including Somalia.

Help Horn of Africa and Help Somalia

Help Horn of Africa takes the humanitarian mission of Help Somalia to a wider stage. Comprised of Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti,  Kenya, and Uganda–the Horn of Africa is a region afflicted by drought and conflict. The European Commission of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection estimates that food security is a problem for 8.2 million Ethiopians, 1.1 million Kenyans, and 4.9 million Somalians.

What’s more, conflict in Sudan has triggered a massive outpour of refugees into neighboring regions that are ill-equipped to handle the rapid influx. Across the countries that comprise the Horn of Africa can be found some 1.7 million displaced people–often women and children. Although the once war-torn area of Somalia has returned to some modicum of stability, the countries refugees are still widespread across the region, while more refugees pour in still from the conflict-rife states of Yemen and Burundi.

Organizations like the World Food Programme are helping to make a difference, but they can only do so much. With the Help Horn of Africa program, Corey Engelen aims to utilize the same on-the-ground techniques that he uses with the U.N. Diplomatic Services Corp. to make sure that supplies such as spaghetti noodles, water filtration equipment, and medicine get to those who need it most.

image of Somali Flag

Corey Engelen works for the betterment of Somalia through his role of Ambassador of Trade from Somalia to Japan and Executive Director of Help Somalia.

Particularly in Somalia, Corey Engelen is actively involved with implementing new programs for drivers licenses, voter ID, and surveillance systems, with the goal of bringing increased stabilization to the nation and reducing the prevalence of terrorism through socially constructive means.

If you’re interested in giving to Help HOA or Help Somalia, Contact Corey Engelen. Websites for theses initiatives are in the works, but will soon be up and running.