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Corey Engelen - 6 of the Best Humanitarian and Developmental Aid Charities in the World

Six of the Best Humanitarian and Developmental Aid Charities in the World

The world is one large community, and we are all its citizens. If you wanted to help your neighbor, you could easily just go next door. But how exactly can you help someone who’s half-way across the world? Proximity is one obstacle. But then there’s also the question of gathering enough funds to make a difference, […]

Nelson Mandela Day - How Honoring Nelson Mandela's Legacy Goes Beyond #MandelaDay - Corey Engelen

How Honoring Nelson Mandela’s Legacy Goes Beyond #MandelaDay

Over the course of history, human rights movement has seen the leadership of several extraordinary figures. On July 18, the world celebrates the achievement of the extraordinary Nelson Mandela. But the aims of the holiday reach further than just the actions of one man. As the official Mandela Day website proclaims: “It’s more than a […]

Title Image for the blog depicting the u.n. General assembly room - Corey Engelen

The UN’s “Grand Bargain” to Save Humanitarian Efforts

The Humanitarian Relief System is broken. Showcased best by the recent refugee crises in Syria and the Middle East, the UN’s humanitarian relief system simply cannot keep up with extreme crises. Earlier this year, the World Humanitarian Summit met to address and reshape aid efforts. Addressing funding and delivery of aid was a priority agenda […]

image of medical supplies with title text "the not so fine line" by Corey Engelen

The Not So Fine Line: Differences Between Humanitarian and Developmental Aid

Aid – in terms of sending money, supplies, food, and manpower to foreign countries – is often used broadly by the general public. Many would say that humanitarian and developmental aid have the same goals in mind; and to an extent, they are right. There is though, a difference between humanitarian and developmental aid that […]

The Floating School of Makoko

I recently came across the inspiring story of the floating school of Makoko in Lagos. Architect Kunlé Adeyemi found himself drawn to Makoko, a slum located in the coastal African city of Lagos where many of the buildings are erected on piers that reach to the bottom of the shallow littoral waters.  But unlike many of […]

Engelen in Guinea

Below is a video I recently made about my time spent in Guinea. It provides some more information on what I do with the U.N. Diplomatic Services Corp.  

Human Rights Day 2015

Dec. 10 marked the 65th anniversary of Human Rights Day. In 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, a declaration that enumerated a universal standard for the way that human beings should be treated. The declaration consists of a preamble and 30 articles. Additional Human Rights Covenants have […]

Students of Iowa State Bring Relief to Uganda Year After Year

Students of Iowa State have found ways to help those in need outside of the United States, specifically in Uganda. Elly Sukup, a junior at the University back in 2006 when the school made its first trip to Uganda. It was at this moment that for the first time she saw people truly hungry. The […]

Changing the World, One Charity at a Time

There are thousands of fantastic charities that successfully make an impact everyday. Here are a few impressive organizations that effectively address local and global issues. Getting involved on a local scale creates a ripple effect of change. As a global diplomat, I have seen the influence of many of the these non-profits, and I encourage […]

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