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On the Origins of ECOWAS

People often wonder what the history of the Economic Community of West African States  (ECOWAS) is? Who was the first to start it? I is it a legacy of colonialism? The truth is that it’s hard to pinpoint one country in particular that “pioneered” ECOWAS. The Short Answer is that leaders from Nigeria and Togo […]

Nelson Mandela Day - How Honoring Nelson Mandela's Legacy Goes Beyond #MandelaDay - Corey Engelen

How Honoring Nelson Mandela’s Legacy Goes Beyond #MandelaDay

Over the course of history, human rights movement has seen the leadership of several extraordinary figures. On July 18, the world celebrates the achievement of the extraordinary Nelson Mandela. But the aims of the holiday reach further than just the actions of one man. As the official Mandela Day website proclaims: “It’s more than a […]

Title Image for the blog depicting the u.n. General assembly room - Corey Engelen

The UN’s “Grand Bargain” to Save Humanitarian Efforts

The Humanitarian Relief System is broken. Showcased best by the recent refugee crises in Syria and the Middle East, the UN’s humanitarian relief system simply cannot keep up with extreme crises. Earlier this year, the World Humanitarian Summit met to address and reshape aid efforts. Addressing funding and delivery of aid was a priority agenda […]

image of medical supplies with title text "the not so fine line" by Corey Engelen

The Not So Fine Line: Differences Between Humanitarian and Developmental Aid

Aid – in terms of sending money, supplies, food, and manpower to foreign countries – is often used broadly by the general public. Many would say that humanitarian and developmental aid have the same goals in mind; and to an extent, they are right. There is though, a difference between humanitarian and developmental aid that […]

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